Tuesday, 13 November 2018

The Real Inuit Experience: Bavarian Pop-Up Igloo Hotel

Can’t get enough of winter? Then this pop-up igloo hotel is for you. Located in the Bavarian Alps Iglu-Hotel Zugspitze offers a stay in a place whose indoor temperature is around zero degrees.

Spend some time like a real Inuit on the summit of the Zugspitze Glacier summit, 2600 meters above sea level, in Germany. This real igloo village is installed each winter in the Bavarian Alps, accommodating up to fifty people each night from late December until the  8th of April.

The igloo village is arranged in a set of half-domes of snow connected to each other by a corridor and all independent. There are six room categories, in which the temperature is around … zero degrees. From the ‘Standard Igloo’, accommodating up to six people, as well as ‘The Romantic Igloo’ for couples (with private jacuzzi) to ‘The Igloo Family Plus’, there is something for all types of igloo loving visitors.

igloo spa

Finally, for those who are tempted by the concept but fear the atmosphere close to that of a freezer, ‘The Hot Igloo’ is a compromise. Composed of tent canvas, retains the shape of the dome but with the benefits of an ordinary hotel with heating (a stove) and a double bed.

All “rooms” are equipped with expedition sleeping bags that can withstand temperatures of up to -40 degrees, decorated by artists and whose themes changes each year; this year it is baroque.

The price starts at 119 € per person depending on the ephemeral dwelling chosen, includes a visit to the igloos, dinner (a cheese fondue), tea after dark, a night walk, and the use of the sauna and outdoor jacuzzi, not to mention the breathtaking views of the mountains.

These igloo villages, which are also located in Switzerland and Andorra, are defined as “100-day hotels” because they melt with the arrival of good weather and are rebuilt every winter. They each require more than 2000 tons of snow and 3000 hours of work.


Igloo-Dorf Hotel Zugspitze
82475 Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
00 41 41 612 27 28