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Best Beaches Of Cadiz

The beaches of Cadiz in Southern Spain should be included in the dictionary under the definition of ‘Paradise’. The Cadiz coast boasts some of the best beaches in Europe, whose natural scenery and fine white sand invite you to rest (or hop on a surfboard)..


La Breña

Acantilados (The cliffs) de La Breña: wild nature of Cadiz

Formed by a prehistoric dune with pine as a backdrop, the cliffs of La Brena are themselves a true natural monument. Bathing is only possible at low tide. The cliff reaches 100 meters above the sea at its highest point, where the Torre del Tajo, an ancient watchtower dating from the XVI century, stands. This is the area where we find some of the best beaches on the coast of Cadiz.


Cala de los Alemanes

Cala de los Alemanes; one of the best beaches in Zahara

Near the small fishing village of Zahara, between cape de Gracia and la Plata, is the Playa de los Alemanes (German Beach). More than 1,500 meters long and 50 wide, this beach owes its name to World War II, when it served as a monitoring and provisioning site for German ships. Its sand is fine and golden and its waters are crystal clear.



Playa de los Lances (Tarifa): paradise for windsurfing and kitesurfing

The Playa de los Lances in Tarifa is in a protected area within the Parque Natural del Estrecho (Estrecho Natural Park). It’s a huge beach occupied mainly by windsurfers and kitesurfers. The west wind makes this the ultimate beach for these sports.


El Palmar

Playa del Palmar: immense fine sand paradise

Near Conil you will find the beautiful beach of El Palmar. A huge fine sand paradise bordering on Zahara on one side and Conil on the other. This beach is one of the favorite places of surfers for its fast and long rolling waves.


Playa de Costa Ballena

Playa de la Ballena (Rota): a legendary beach

A few kilometers from Rota you find the Playa de Costa Ballena. Located in a quiet residential neighborhood, this kilometer-long beach offers a natural landscape of fine white sand. Its name comes from the legend of an old whale that roamed the coasts around the world looking for the most beautiful place to anchor. And it was here where he stayed.


playa bolonia

Bolonia (Tarifa): the most charming beach of Cadiz

One of the most charming beaches near Tarifa is Bolonia. Considered one of the last virgin beaches of southern Spain, sand dunes border on pine trees that populate the highlands. It is possible to see Morocco from here and another one of the beach’s attractions are the ruins of the ancient Roman city of Baelo Claudia.