With Paris’ famous Fashion Week periods in mind, held this year in January, July and September, we advise visitors on some of the most ‘fashionable’ restaurants of the French capital. These trendy restaurants are always visited by the leading fashion crowd and certainly around Fashion Week when they not only attract the industry representatives, but also international top-models, celebrities and other luminaries attending the fashion shows.

Karl Lagerfeld, fashion designer, artist and photographer. Born in Germany, since long based in Paris, he has a rich and successful history in fashion, which has culminated in his current position as creative director for the fashion house Chanel.

More than 5 years and 1 billion euros, that’s what it took to renovate Paris’ classic shopping Forum Les Halles, the newly gold capped temple of commerce, but also culture and lifestyle, to better accommodate its 37 million annual visitors.

Le Six is a smart four star boutique hotel on Paris’ Left bank in the district of Saint Germain des Prés, famous for its artistic and literary legacy . .

In Paris and in dire need of a hair cut, but worried how to explain exactly which ‘coupe‘ you want in French?

An Interview with Chef Nobu Matsuhisa at His New Royal Monceau Raffles Hotel Restaurant in Paris. Source: Forbes

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Parisian waiters may be notorious for their often negligent treatment of foreign patrons, however there are those establishments in the capital city that excel in making you feel welcome and at home, whilst still enjoying a truly French experience. . .

With its strong and utterly addictive taste, the truffle is one of the world’s most precious and desired delicacies, and the best place to taste this valuable fungus in Paris is Maison de la Truffe.

From its crispy outside that peels of in layers, to its soft buttery doughy inside that melts in your mouth, the croissant is every French native’s favourite pastry. If you are in the French capital and hungry for this delicacy, check out our list of where to buy the ten best croissants in Paris.

Alain Ducasse needs no introduction for those who love food. This French chef, arguably the most famous of his generation, has written a book dedicated to his preferred gastronomic addresses in the French capital: J’aime Paris by Alain Ducasse.

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