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Djangofolllies Jazz Festival

Djangofolllies Jazz Festival celebrates Django Reinhardt’s birthday from 13 until 31 January this year at 29 different venues in Brussels. The famous jazz guitar player was born on January 23, 1910 in Belgium and went on to be recognised as one of the greatest guitar players of all time.

Many perceive Django Reinhardt as one of the greatest personalities of European Jazz. This gypsy guitar player deeply impressed and inspired the jazz scene with his improvisations on the guitar. His performances were characterized by unmatched intensity. Nowadays he remains an example for many guitar players all over the world.

To honour this exceptional musician, a series of concerts in the ‘Django tradition’ are programmed in different venues. The program of Djangofolllies is not limited to the traditional ‘Django style’ but also includes music which shines a new light on the genre and goes beyond the barriers of the ‘hot club’ music.

Over the years Djangofolllies has presented bands like The Patrick Saussois & Koen De Caurter Quartet, Christophe Astolfi, Fapy Lafertin Quintet, Tcha Limberger Quartet, Christian Becker Trio, Radio Lume, Opus Swing, Waso, Lollo Meier & André Donni Quartet, Jokke Schreurs Trio, Les Doigts de l’Homme, Alexandre Cavalière & Jazzy Strings, Yorgui Loeffler …

“Django did something that only a few could do; he was so exceptional that he was able to forge his own music genre (Gypsy swing). He was a virtuoso guitar player with a fantastic feeling for lyricism, structure and balance. His unmistakable genius lies in the way he so effortlessly combined jazz with musette and gypsy music to create masterpieces which have passed and will continue to pass the test of time. He is considered to be one of the most important musical icons of the 20th century.” (Waso De Cauter)