Tuesday, 13 November 2018
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Europe Has The World’s Most Liveable Cities

Mercer’s annual report on the ‘Quality of Living City Rankings’, lists within its top 10 destinations no less than 8 major European cities, with Austria’s Vienna once again landing on number one.

To quote Mercer: ‘Western European cities continue to surpass the rest of the world when it comes to expatriate quality of living.’
Western European cities still dominate the top 10 most liveable cities’ listing this year with destinations in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Denmark, as last year.

And Vienna came out on top for the 8th time! According to Mercer’s survey the Austrian capital offers the highest quality of living out of 230 cities based on criteria such as political stability, crime, currency exchange, recreational facilities, housing and climate.

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We cannot disagree with their choice; Vienna is a magical, beautiful city. It breathes creative life; past and present. Vienna is a city of culture and history with is legendary composers such as Mozart, Haydn, Schubert, Beethoven, Johann Strauss, Liszt and Brahms; venues like the Staatsoper and Musikverein; The Lippizzaner horses performing the art of classic dressage at the Spanish Riding School; opulent palace Schloss Schönbrunn or Hofburg where you can trace the steps of Sissi and Emperor Franz Josef. It is also a very modern city where you can enjoy Michelin-star cuisine, find the latest designer fashion and spend the evening at a sleek nightclub or lounge.

Vienna is known as the City of Music. Partly because of its great many famous composers that lived and performed here and its beautiful Staatsoper (opera house), the Musikverein and many other venues where all types of music – classical, jazz, live rock etc. – are played. The Wiener Philharmoniker is one of the world’s top orchestras and the Vienna Boys’ Choir is worldwide famous.

vienna coffee house

Another feature of the city are its long-established coffee houses. A must-visit for anyone who loves the simple good things in life, there is nothing more satisfying than enjoying world-class coffee and Sacher torte in a traditional Viennese café while reading your paper or chatting with friends.

Vienna’s architecture is stunning and this capital is best appreciated on foot with its many beautiful buildings and courtyards, especially in the historic centre. Check out the museums which are many and their art collections vast and impressive.

In short: This lovely, clean and safe city will win your heart with its unique charm.

Top ten most liveable cities 2017:

1 Vienna, Austria
2 Zürich, Switzerland
3 Auckland, New Zealand
4 Munich, Germany
5 Vancouver, Canada
6 Düsseldorf, Germany
7 Frankfurt, Germany
8 Geneva, Switzerland
9 Copenhagen, Denmark
10 Basil, Switzerland / Sydney, Australia