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October 4, 2017

Because you can’t travel all the time, fine wine and food online market Gastronomic Cargo now introduces “Gourmet Experience”, a new home delivery concept that brings Europe’s most desired food and wine to you whenever you want, wherever you are.

The Concept
The Gourmet Experience is a new home delivery concept that offers a dinner for two with wine, inspired by culinary hotspots like Madrid, Paris, Rome and San Sebastian.

Expert Curation
Gastronomic Cargo collaborates with notable local producers and experts to curate the selection of products for every Gourmet Experience. This process ensures that all items you receive are authentic and of the absolute highest quality.

A World of Experiences
Every dinner comes with a Culture Guide that includes the story behind each product, recipes to make with the items, and tips to best experience the city’s culinary culture.

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Gastronomic Cargo’s first Gourmet Experience stop is Madrid

Spain is a country that loves food and wine. When you visit Spain’s capital, you are immediately overwhelmed with what’s on offer to satisfy your tastebuds; with its markets, tapas bars, gourmet stores etc. Madrid can lead any visitor on a merry excursion of culinary discovery. Eating in this city will make you happy: On every menu the ingredients are fresh and seasonal, home-grown and -bred, and bursting with colour, the wines are intensely flavourful and perfectly match with the traditional dishes.

Madrid’s many restaurants and food markets offer traditional Spanish as well as international cuisine to impressively high standards. No wonder then, that as a culinary destination, Madrid is incredibly popular by foreign visitors.


Some places to visit for a bite to eat in traditional but top quality Madrid-style are El Lando and Casa Lucia. El Lando is a prestigious establishment frequented by celebrities, run by Lucio Blázquez, also owner of the famous Casa Lucia. Managed by Ángel González, Lucio”s brother-in-law, El Landó serves delicious international Castilian cuisine.

Casa Lucio is a restaurant located in a narrow historic street in Madrid decorated in nineteenth-century Castilian style by its owner Lucio Blázquez. The enduring success of this place can be credited to Blazquez’s charismatic personality, and even more so to his typically Castilian cuisine. Dozens of cured hams hang from hand-hewn beams above the well-oiled bar. Among the clientele is a stable of well-known public figures including royalty.

casa lucio madrid

One mainstay on the menu everywhere is Iberian ham. Spain is well known as the producer of the best pork in the world and the absolute top range products come from the acorn fed Iberico pig.

The most desired type of Iberian ham is the Jamón Ibérico de Bellota. Bellota stands for the acorns the pigs eat, which gives the ham its nutty flavour. This ham derives its taste much from the way in which the pigs are farmed and the impeccable curing process. The pigs roam free in nourishing pasture eating kilos of acorns every day whilst getting plenty of exercise. This ham is delicious and nutritious; because of the antioxidants in the acorns and the unique curing process, saturated fats are changed into healthy mono-unsaturated fats high in oleic acid.


Naturally included in the Madrid Gourmet Experience is another staple of the traditional Spanish kitchen, patatas brava: Fried potatoes with a magic red tomato and mayonnaise-based spicy sauce. And a special addition is a serving of the multi award-winning, robust and intensely flavourful Venta del Baron olive oil, which has been named the best in the world three times since 2013.

Spain has the largest wine producing volume of land with over over 1.17 million hectares of vineyards, and is the third largest producer of wine in the world, however catching up quickly to number one France, and two Italy. With the exception of the northwest quarter, largely open to Atlantic influences, and the Mediterranean coast, the climate is continental with alternating tough winters and hot summers, but altogether agreeable to producing a good and healthy grape.

Spain’s vines are old, with a viticulture dating back between 4000 and 3000 BC. Spain produces first and foremost intense red wines made made from grenache and tempranillo grape varieties well adapted to hot summers, but its range of whites is growing with the inimitable sherry and Catalan cava, and its excellent Verdejo grape variety white wines.


Gastronomic Cargo has selected wines that are also served by the madrid restaurant institutions such as abovementioned Casa Lucio and El Lando. Choose from a variety of top Spanish wines including Condado de Haza, a masterful wine with all the hallmarks of what is considered a typical and excellent Tempranillo, produced by one of wine giant’s Grupa Pesquera’s four bodegas, or the renowned wines from Luis Cañas, which are also served in restaurants by top chef Ferran Adria.

Gastronomic Cargo is launching their home delivery service in Sweden, city by city, beginning of August.

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