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Istanbul Music Festival

The 46th Istanbul Music Festival will take place from 23 May to 12 June.

The Istanbul Music Festival is considered as the most prestigious and established classical music event in Turkey. Throughout its history of more than 40 years, it has played a major role in building up an appreciation for classical music in Istanbul and Turkey. Acclaimed nationally and internationally with its creative programmes and innovative structure, the festival strives to create opportunities for artists to share their inspiration and artistic experience with one another and contribute to the enrichment of the national and international classical music repertoire.

Organised by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts, the first Istanbul Music Festival, the flagship of the Istanbul Festivals, took place between June 15-July 15, 1973 originally under the title Istanbul Festival. From its inception it has included in its programmes the finest examples of artistic creativity in the fields of classic music, classical ballet and contemporary dance, opera, folklore, jazz/pop, cinema, drama and visual arts from both Turkey and abroad, as well as seminars, conferences and lectures.

Being the oldest of the Istanbul Festivals, which became landmarks of cultural life in Turkey, the Istanbul Music Festival has earned a reputation for its major role in encouraging research in musicology and in launching special projects on shared cultural values through its productions.


Location: Several major venues in Istanbul