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New Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology in Lisbon

Created by British architect Amanda Levete, the building housing new Lisbon museum MAAT, which stands for Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology, is an amazing serpentine structure clad with a whopping 15,000 ceramic tiles which catch the sun bouncing of the river Tagus.

The museum looks like some kind of giant reptile that has slithered up the banks of the river and settled there with its gleaming tiles resembling lizard skin, and has settled on a site next to the former Central Tejo power station in Belém, which has also been transformed to host art in its white-cube galleries.

The museum opened October last year but parts of it are still being completed. A footbridge will be installed this March, taking visitors straight across to the roof that provides a panoramic view of the city and out across the river, where the MAAT will be screening movies.

MAAT director Pedro Gadanho has said that MAAT would host a range of art and architecture shows at a “semi-intellectual level” and the museum will be a cultural space of discovery, critical thinking and global dialogue. Currently there is an exhibition named Utopia/Dystopia, whilst the three other galleries are filled with over 60 works by artists and architects from the 1970s to present day, including OMA, Aldo Rossi and Yona Friedman.
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