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Tombées du Camion

Tombées du Camion, or ‘Fallen from the Truck‘, referring to the saying ‘ fallen from (the back of) a truck’ meaning an item of merchandise having come into a person’s possession without having been paid for, a phrase usually used in a coy way by someone who is less than forthcoming about the means in which they acquired the article.

This adorable cabinet of curiosities is a bit of a nutty place, specializing in the sale of toys from factory stocks and manufactures of yesteryear, where you find a multitude of unusual and outdated objects which serve little or no purpose, but which one suddenly compulsively needs as soon as the doorstep is crossed: police whistles, a creepy jar filled with mini dolls, a box of long-lashed eyes, multicoloured plastic cars, small hair clips, plastic syringes, smurfs, dice, doll hair styling sets…

Tombées du Camion3

Where did this come from ? Apparently it just fell off the truck, escaped from factory stock. For the past eight years, Charles, a former dealer, has been traveling through old, disused factories looking for lots of forgotten objects to supply his three shops: the one in Montmartre and the two in the Vernaison market (Puces de Saint-Ouen).

Tombées du Camion 2

One is specialized in lighting and the other has just opened. The starting point of this adventure? “One day, when I was still a second-hand dealer, I bought a large batch of costume jewellery that I could not sell. And I had several cubic meters,” Charles remembers. “At that time, I was tired of the flea market. I wanted to continue the job, but without all the speculation that goes with it. So, I started to sell worthless things.”

17 rue Joseph de Maistre 75018
Open from Tuesday to Friday from 1 pm to 8 pm. And from Saturday to Sunday 11h-20h.
44/47 passage des Panoramas
Stand at the Marché de Vernaison,Allee 3 stand 107