Monday, 24 September 2018
Entertainment Seville

Velá de Santa Ana

The Triana neighbourhood of Seville celebrates the famous festival of Velá de Santa Ana in honour of Santa Ana (Saint Anne), who is the patron saint of Triana from 21-26 July.

For this occasion temporary bars known as casetas are set up along Calle Betis, beside the river. There you can have a drink and a tapa, perhaps one of the festival’s specialities of green almonds, roasted sardines or fried fish, while watching people dancing a sevillana or enjoying performances by local singers, musicians and dancers.

There are also lots of competitions, the most popular of which is the Cucaña. In this competition people try to walk along a greased pole projecting horizontally from the prow of a barge on the River Guadalquivir, to reach the prize (usually a red flag). The festival culminates on the night of the 26th with a great firework display.

Location: plaza del Altozano, Triana, Seville