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Veranos de la Villa

During the months of July and August, Madrid will host one of the most eagerly-anticipated events in its cultural calendar: A new edition of its most participative summer festival, featuring an endless range of outdoor activities in the city’s various neighbourhoods.

In 2017, further to its mission of sharing culture with all members of the public in every one of the city’s neighbourhoods, Veranos de la Villa will extend to Madrid’s 21 districts with a programme encompassing a total of 90 activities, most of them free of charge, which will take place in 60 different venues all over the city.

On the repertoire this summer there is an enormous diversity of events, although the musical ones predominate, as is tradition. From the avant-garde to the most popular sounds, from the experimental musicians Max Richter and Valgeir Sigurðsson, the Spaniards Jorge Pardo, JuanPerro – who performs with the Municipal Symphonic Band – and Christina Rosenvinge, traditional American singer-songwriter Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, to the Peruvian folklorist Susana Baca. They are not big names, but they are great artists.

The main aim of Veranos de la Villa is once again to ensure that the general public has fun. Various participative events will be held this year, including a salsa and dance night courtesy of the La-33 Orchestra (20 July), a group dance class in front of the Royal Palace (6 August) and a milonga night in Berlín Park (16 August). On 17 August there will be film, music and magic with bewitched zarzuelas courtesy of filmmaker Segundo de Chomón. Still more zarzuela will follow on 24 August. Coinciding with the 120th anniversary of La Revoltosa (The Troublemaker), the Silent Band will play live music to accompany a screening of the film version by Florián Rey, a true gem of Spanish silent film.

Dates: 30 June to 3 September
Location: Around the city of Madrid