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Somewhere between hotel lobby, private club and elegant Parisian apartment . .


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Lego to open giant playhouse for fans

A new centre for Lego fans will open this September at the toy giant’s Billund HQ.
The Lego House, which resembles 21 giant interlocking Lego bricks stacked on top of each other, is under construction near the toy giant’s headquarters in Billund, Jutland. The facade has been tiled to give the impression that the building is made out of thousands of Lego pieces. “This will be an amazing place where Lego fans, their families and friends can experience – or re-experience – the playfulness of the Lego universe,” said Jesper Vilstrup, General Manager of the Lego House.

Avocado-only restaurant in Amsterdam

The Avocado Show is Amsterdam’s first avocado bar and will open its doors this month with the tastiest avocado dishes for breakfast, brunch, lunch, take-away, delivery, dinner and late night dining.
With a completely avocado-based menu there’s reason to believe the eatery will succeed as avocado is embraced worldwide as a superfood. Just try the Avocado Show’s slightly outlandish looking avocado bun burger or original chocolate-avocado smoothie . .

Luneur theme park in Rome renovated

Italy’s oldest theme park has been renovated extensively over an 8-year period and now it has reopened to the young public with such attractions as a Wizard of Oz-inspired yellow brick maze and an interactive role-playing game called the Elven Path.

Luneur, named after the EUR district of Rome where it is located, aims to entertain children under 13 in particular and to accommodate young families the park has special rooms for breastfeeding and baby-changing, trails and events designed for schools, and children’s menus in all the eating areas.

‘Gin’ hotel opens in London

A former London pub on Portobello Road has been remodeled into a boutique hotel dedicated to gin, aptly named The Distillery. The hotel features two bars, a gin museum and ‘gin experience’ centre, an off licence shop, a 400 litre gin still, a private dining room and bar and three guest rooms.


One of the most popular and influential British artists of the twentieth century returns to Tate Britain for his most comprehensive exhibition yet from 9 February to 29 May.

This exhibition gathers together an extensive selection of David Hockney’s most famous works celebrating his achievements in painting, drawing, print, photography and video across six decades . .more

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Even if you can’t travel all the time, Europe’s best food and wine products can now come to you thanks to Gastronomic Cargo, a new online fine food and wine market.

Gastronomic Cargo promises the start of a fantastic culinary journey. Their goal is to offer a well-selected limited stock of exquisite products which we provide together with local experts and connoisseurs.

The journey starts in Spain, but will take you to France, Italy and other European countries that produce fine wine and food.

The Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert is a glazed shopping arcade in Brussels that preceded other famous 19th-century shopping arcades such as the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan and The Passage in St Petersburg.

The Rues Basses are two streets down near the lake and Geneva’s most prestigious shopping area . .

Le Forum des Halles, the gold capped ‘new’ temple of commerce, but also culture and lifestyle, in the heart of Paris.

Eat & Drink

This century old greenhouse which once belonged to Amsterdam’s Municipal Nursery, is a gastronomic restaurant that offers a daily fixed menu, based on the harvest of its nursery and supplemented with the best additional ingredients from local suppliers.

De Kas boasts a sleek interior design enhanced by natural light pouring in through the glass ceiling . .

Madrid’s exciting and flavourful food is a major attraction for visitors to Spain’s capital, for many varied reasons.

One of Paris’ most beautiful palace hotels, Le Bristol, is home to 3 Michelin star restaurant, ‘Epicure’.

Noma, many times named ‘The World’s Best Restaurant’, is changing location and style..

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THE MOST FASHIONABLE RESTAURANTS IN PARIS . . With Paris’ famous Fashion Week periods in mind, held this year in January, July and September, we advise visitors on some of the most ‘fashionable’ restaurants of the French capital . . more

From its crispy outside that peels of in layers, to its soft buttery doughy inside that melts in your mouth, the croissant is every French native’s favourite pastry. If you are in the French capital and hungry for this delicacy, check out our list of where to buy the ten best croissants in Paris.

A retired doctor visited a Paris auction house
in March with a portfolio of drawings. It
contained a work now attributed to Leonardo
da Vinci and valued at about $15.8 million . . Source: New York Times

Take a deep dive in one of France’s leading historic destinations with Trianon Palace Versailles’ unique ‘CHATEAU VERSAILLES PRESTIGE’ package.

An Interview with Chef Nobu Matsuhisa at His New Royal Monceau Raffles Hotel Restaurant in Paris. Source: Forbes


PLATEA MADRID . . ‘Welcome to the biggest gastronomic & leisure centre in Europe .. the only place where a huge stage meets the best Spanish and international gastronomy made by Michelin-star chefs. An amazing 6000sqm design space that holds up to 12 restaurants that will take your breath away.’ . . more

The creative director of Loewe and his own eponymous label guides Avril Groom around the elegant and delightfully eccentric Spanish capital. Source: How to spend it

Madrid’s Golden Triangle of Art combines culture and lifestyle in the heart of the Spanish capital.

Madrid is the highest capital city in Europe (2,178ft/664m), which means crisp, cold weather in winter . . Source: Telegraph

The history of one of Europe’s most iconic hotels in Madrid began at the hippodrome in upscale seaside village Deauville, France.

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