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Stockholm star restaurant Frantzén has closed this summer. The last menu of award-winning Frantzén in the Old Town was served on 9 July. Chef Björn Frantzén has decided to close his acclaimed namesake establishment to reappear in a new guise and a at a new address in Sweden’s capital . . more

Madrid: Diego Cabrera

Argentinian barman Diego Cabrera, who has managed to conquer the Madrid audience with his natural charm and an amazing ability to create and innovate has opened his new ‘flagship’ cocktail/gastro-bar Salmón Gurú, whose entrance looks like an old liquor store full of original bottles and whose bar area appears as a 60’s New York club predominantly boasting the colour British Racing 21 Calle Echegaray, Madrid 

Rome: All’Oro on the move

Chef Riccardo Di Giacinto and his wife Ramona, a Michelin star with All’Oro, have left the The First Luxury Art Hotel on December 6 and prepare to open a new local always near Piazza del Popolo: the kitchen will be more international and contemporary, comfortable style and mostly free of formalism, the more personalized experience on the client.

Deauville: Film Festival

Deauville, lovely and chic seaside village 200km west of Paris, is host of The Deauville American Film Festival, Festival du Cinéma Américain, this year from 2 August to 11 September. This renowned annual event is a celebration if the world of cinema with tributes and previews of Hollywood’s latest releases, documentaries and American TV series. The Grand Prix will be awarded by a jury, chaired by former French minister of culture Frédéric Mitterrand.

Rome: Respect our city

When in Rome, please do as the Romans do and respect their classic landmarks, or you will pay the fine. Two Germans have scaled the Colosseum walls at night, three young women decided to cool off in swimsuits in the 17th century Fontana dell’Acqua Paola and two other tourists from California who wanted to re-enact the Trevi Fountain scene from Fellini’s ‘La Dolce Vita’. The latter were fined €450. Because of a recent string of incidents, Roman authorities are cracking down on this type of tourist behaviour.

A floating hotel in Paris

Would you like to experience Paris from the famous Seine River? Now you can actually stay on the river at the new floating hotel ‘OFF Seine’. The first of its kind in the French capital, unique floating 58-room hotel OFF Seine is moored near the Gare d’Austerlitz on a purpose-built barge, allowing visitors a riviera lifestyle in the heart of the city . . more

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Even if you can’t travel all the time, Europe’s best food and wine products can now come to you thanks to Gastronomic Cargo, a new online fine food and wine market.

Every year, from late August to mid October, France hosts ‘La Foire aux Vins’, the great rendez-vous for wine lovers.

The Rues Basses are two streets down near the lake and Geneva’s most prestigious shopping area . .

Le Forum des Halles, the gold capped ‘new’ temple of commerce, but also culture and lifestyle, in the heart of Paris.

Eat & Drink

One of Paris’ most beautiful palace hotels, Le Bristol, is home to 3 Michelin star restaurant, ‘Epicure’. Far from stuffy, the Bristol’s restaurant is classic and stylish but with a warmth that is reflected in the welcome from the staff, who treat you as a regular from the first moment you set foot in Epicure and likely to remember your name the next time you come.

Biarritz Delight: Villa Eugénie

Madrid’s exciting and flavourful food is a major attraction for visitors to Spain’s capital, for many varied reasons.

Noma, many times named ‘The World’s Best Restaurant’, is changing location and style..

One of Stockholm’s best, most unique and enduring restaurants is Teatergrillen, a theater-inspired cosy and elegant venue . .

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PARIS’ TOP TERRACES . . It may not be easy to find a place on the terrace in the French capital on a fine summer’s day, but with some planning ahead it is absolutely possible to spend a balmy day in comfort and inspiring surroundings. Here follow six of the best terraces in Paris . . more

One of the essential pleasures of summer, the Caesar salad, just like the Waldorf and the Niçoise, is a famous dish and appreciated by salad lovers worldwide. We have sought out the best specimens of this emblematic American and one of our own favourite lunch meals in the French capital.

The Ritz Paris finally reopened its gilded doors . . Source: New York Times

In Paris and in dire need of a hair cut, but worried how to explain exactly which ‘coupe‘ you want in French?

Swiss Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie and Paris Biennale Unveil “Mastery of Time” Watch Exhibition. Source: Forbes


COOL IN THE CITY . . Part of the charm of Spain’s illustrious capital is the sunny climate, but sometimes the city can get a little too hot. Here follow some of our choices to take a cool break . . more

The creative director of Loewe and his own eponymous label guides Avril Groom around the elegant and delightfully eccentric Spanish capital. Source: How to spend it

Madrid’s Golden Triangle of Art combines culture and lifestyle in the heart of the Spanish capital.

In the footsteps of Cervantes. Source: Telegraph

The history of one of Europe’s most iconic hotels in Madrid began at the hippodrome in upscale seaside village Deauville, France.

A rising star of Madrid night life with a prime address, The Principal is in a prime location in Chueca overlooking the beautiful and bustling Gran Via. Source: New York Times

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