Madrid’s exciting and flavourful food is a major attraction for visitors to Spain’s capital, for many varied reasons. We want to give you a short history of the evolution of the city’s current ‘cuisine’.

In the 11th century Spain was known as Al-Andalus, also Muslim Spain or Islamic Iberia, and was Muslim territory. Until then the typical cuisine in Madrid was much the same as the rest of Al Andalus, but this changed when King Alfonso VI of Castile seized Toledo, a city in central Spain, known as the ‘Imperial City’ where Charles I held court.

With Paris Fashion Week in full swing, there’s more to discover than just the latest trends. I rounded up the coolest spots to grab a bite in between shows, try some of the latest Parisian food trends, and witness the best fashion off the runway in the City of Lights. Source: Forbes

Florence may be its birthplace, but Romans are truly consumed with gelato. That’s why across Italy’s 
capital a new generation of artisans is upping the ante with unusual techniques (liquid nitrogen) and unexpected 
flavors (tobacco, Gorgonzola, celery). Source: Food&Wine

.. Chef Nobu Matsuhisa at His New Royal Monceau Raffles Hotel Restaurant in Paris. “I am happy to open a restaurant in Paris because it’s such an elegant city with many people who travel a lot and who are knowledgeable about food. In fact, I see a lot of my regular customers in Paris.” Source: Forbes


Ines de la Fressange, French Icon

Ines de la Fressange, French Icon Ines de la Fressange is a national icon in France, she is the embodiment of French chic. With an aristocratic background (her father was a Marquis) and her 6 foot mannequin looks inherited from her mother who was an Argentine model, Ines was  perfect to represent the brand of Chanel […]

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Piscine Molitor Re-opened

After twenty-five years of closure, Paris’ Molitor swimming pool complex has opened its doors again, however for VIP swimmers only, yet another metamorphosis for this avant-garde and trendy place where the first bikini was seen..

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Choosing a good bottle of wine in France

Whether in your supermarket or your cellar, there are simple rules to make the right choice when buying wine in France. First, there is no need to buy wines that are very old. If they are still on the shelves  they have perhaps not been sold because they are just not from a very good […]

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Wine: Mas Belles Eaux

Winery Mas Belles Eaux is situated in the Languedoc region in the South of France where the climate is perfect and the variety of soils excellent for producing expressive and pure wines. Drawn to this region by the huge potential of its terroir and climate, the owners of Quinta do Noval and Chateau Pichon-Baron began rehabilitating […]

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Cinco Jotas, Spain’s National Treasure

Spain is famous for its top quality ham, Jamón Ibérico de Bellota, and Cinco Jotas (5J)  is one of those hams which is unrivalled for aroma, texture and taste. Cinco Jotas is based in the famous jamón town of Jabugo, a word synonymous with the very best ham in the world. Here pure-bred Ibérico pigs are raised in ideal […]

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Holiday Reading for Dog Lovers

For all of us dog lovers who have to face this summer leaving our beloved pets behind when we go on holiday, here is something that you can take with you as a small but precious consolation: ‘The Divinity of Dogs, true stories of miracles inspired by man’s best friend‘. The Divinity of Dogs will […]

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The Sea Grill, Marbella

We have always loved to immerse ourselves in the timeless charm and passion of Spain, the rich culture and its genuine cuisine. And after our Easter visit to Spain and Hotel Puente Romano’s new chic beachfront restaurant, the Sea Grill, we are sure that we have seen the start of a new era in Spain, […]

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The best Club Sandwich in Paris

One of the world’s most ordered dishes by travellers, at just about any hour of the day or night, is the always satisfying club sandwich. As French newspaper magazine Le Figaro put it in a recent story on the best club sandwiches in Paris, (the winner was the one served at Le Meurice hotel, price €25), the […]

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Paris Underground

Could you imagine that 45 Million years ago the foundations of Paris, the City of Light, were veiled in darkness, serving as the floor of a tropical ocean? Proof lays in the Parisian Catacombs! If you literally venture into the belly of Paris you find night clubs and galleries in cavernous spaces, canals and reservoirs, […]

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